Kitchen (spring)

Food for thought

Posted on 13 March 2015 at 10:45am    1 comment

Welcome to the kitchen at Peacocks in my Garden.

We come from a long line of good cooks, and putting together a meal at short notice regardless of the number of people who need feeding; sometimes, with precious little in the fridge to get started with, rarely rattled the pans or ruffled the pinnies. I can also remember quite vividly, stories about an aunt's particular skill in the art of pastry making and my grandma's penchant for preserving, be it pickled onions or some delicious tasting jam. Pies, puddings, breads, soups, ham-shanks or fowl; you name it, we’ve had a go at baking or roasting it; plucking, stuffing or pickling it; and drying or blending it.

At Peacocks in my Garden, we have had to adopt a very different and rather more strict approach to cooking and eating. Medical conditions leading to lactose intolerance, and the absolute commitment to the banishment of red meat, have meant we need to take the enjoyment of food even more seriously than we did before. 

All that aside, our kitchen still pays homage to the classic Ginger Nut biscuit, and it turns out some pretty good vodka and strawberry jam; Moroccan prune chutney; rosehip syrup, and, is not without the humble apple crumble or, come to that, a good dollop of ice-cream.

Whilst the sloe gin is busy doing its thing in the darkest recesses of the pantry, we’ll take a regular look at what else is going on season by season, with recipes to try for mid-week meals, Sunday brunches, sweet things and puddings, and whatever else takes our fancy.

If you have a recipe that you’d like to share, that is suitable for a lactose free diet, we’d love to hear from you.