My Day Job

The benefits of working from home

I never imagined I’d find myself working from home, but on moving to North Wales, it quickly became apparent that swapping bustling, desert-city life, for that of a quiet village in the lee of a windswept mountain range, presented the opportunity to review the way in which I earned a living. There is something to be said for having the luxury and flexibility of managing how I work, and what I choose to get involved with. It also means that no two days are ever the same. 

So, how does one decide on the kind of work to do from home?

In the first instance, it helps to draw on previous work experience and focus on areas which one particularly enjoys. Likewise, very often, it can be a hobby or other special interest that leads to bigger things and the opportunity to turn a passion into profit. As a qualified teacher, copywriter, and published author, with a keen interest in research and copywriting for websites, I'm able offer the following services:

English Tuition

  • Keystage 3-5 (UK Grade 7 to ‘A’ level standard)
  • All four key skills in English: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening (SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, BEC)
  • Homework tasks, exam preparation and skills building.

In general, I prefer to tutor from my home, but I am willing to travel short distances (Corwen or Ruthin, for example) and charge between £20 - £25 per hour, depending on the level of the tuition required.
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Copywriting and website content services

The aim of publishing a professional website is to get a return on your investment by ensuring that your website is saying the right things to the right people, and that it gets found and noticed for the right reasons. Research and copywriting services offered are charged at £20 per hour, or to a predetermined budget, and include the following:

  • Website review for SEO considerations (overview of current SEO strategy and effectiveness)
  • Website review for end-user considerations (overview of your site's real-world effectiveness)
  • Website technical review (check of code validity, page load speeds and DNS configuration etc.)
  • Optimisation of webpage meta titles and descriptions (for effective and attractive listings)
  • Optimisation of webpage headers (ensuring titles are meaningful, semantic and keyword-rich)
  • Optimisation of content (ensuring content is readable, interesting and grammatically correct)
  • Addition of new content (to make your site more relevant and useful for its various visitors)
  • Management of Google Analytics (to find out who is visiting your site, for how long and why)
  • Management of Google Webmasters Account (ensuring your site works with Google, not against it)
  • Management of Social Media Accounts (acting as your online marketing/communications manager)
  • Further website reviews (measuring action effectiveness and adjusting strategy accordingly)

HR Consultancy Services

Having previously spent 16 years as a hotel management troubleshooter for various hospitality groups, I have a wealth of experience dealing with Human Resource issues including recruitment, interviewing, training, retainment, assessments and further development. Whilst I have no wish to return to this profession full-time, I have found that my experience can be a great help to small businesses that are trying to grow their staff in all respects. My rates for such work are £25 per hour including traveling time (current references available).

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