About the Bryneglwys Garden Club

Sowing the seeds for Bryneglwys Garden Club began in 2001 by a community with a passion for gardening and getting together to talk about all things to do with, well, gardening. It is not an easy time for gardeners in our village, since the earth from which we seek to produce prize-winning vegetables or modest collections of flowers for a vase is made up of heavy clay, riddled with stones and rocks of all shapes and sizes. Being in North Wales means we get more than our fair share of rain and a healthy dose of damp weather, in addition to the howling gales and hard frosts in winter.

The summer months can be hotter than Bangkok in March, but we persevere, and take up our spades at each turn of the seasons to get the best out of what we have; be it by dividing and sharing plants that have outgrown their assigned plot, or by swapping young bedding plants for salad crops with our neighbours. Some of our gardens are well established whilst others are a never ending work in progress. Never the less, there is advice at every turn to help with difficult problems (eradicating mares tail, for one) and commiseration for plants lost to peacocks, the like of which, it seems, are without the slightest bit of remorse for the amount of damage that they can cause in the garden.

Our members meet on the second Monday evening of each month to catch up with fellow gardeners; sell fresh laid eggs; advise of the upcoming barn dance; swap seeds and listen to a speaker on specialist gardening or wild-life subjects. We're also keen to board the bus, to be driven this year by our very energetic chairman in search of inspiration outside our own designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Day trips to shows and NGS gardens are particularly popular among our members. The gardening year is rounded off with a fine meal, more wine and a grand raffle draw in a local pub.

We hold our AGM in March, a time in the village where everything and everyone comes out of hibernation. We decide on the agenda for the year, then drink wine and eat cheese; all of which sets us up quite nicely for going about the business of gardening.