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Pumpkin growing competition to be run by Bryneglwys Garden Club.

Written by Diane on 21 April 2017 at 12:20pm    1 comment

New for 2017, Bryneglwys Garden Club is launching a competition amongst its members to grow the heaviest giant pumpkin. There is room in even the smallest garden to grow a pumpkin, even a giant one!

Come along to our meeting on Monday 8th May to claim your free pumpkin seeds and get started!

For the task at hand, the pumpkin seed of choice is ‘Mammoth or ‘Heavyweight’. It has all the hallmarks required to produce a giant pumpkin; it’s also fun and easy to grow. Bright orange in colour on the outside, with a yellow flesh on the inside, it is noted for its evident ability to be seen to be growing before your very eyes!

This pumpkin also makes for a tasty vegetable worthy of the grandest banquet. You can roast it, make pies with it, bake bread with it, or turn it into a delicious soup  - perfect for harvest suppers.

There are five months in which to nurture your giant pumpkin and have it ready for October’s meeting when judging will take place.

Rules of Engagement for Entrants

  1. Seeds will be available on a first come first served basis.
  2. By accepting 2 free ‘Mammoth or ‘Hundredweight’ pumpkin seeds, members will have entered the competition to grow the heaviest pumpkin.
  3. Only 1 entry per household.
  4. Members are responsible for sowing their pumpkin seeds and for taking care of the welfare of their own pumpkin.
  5. Members are responsible for transporting their pumpkin to the parish rooms by what ever means deemed necessary in time for judging, and for getting them back home again after the event*. 
  6. Our Chairman will be judging the pumpkins at September’s garden club meeting and his decision will be final.
  7. The Chairman’s decision will be based on commonly set criteria for judging giant pumpkins.

There will prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Prizes to be confirmed in due course.

*Be aware, that in certain conditions, this pumpkin can grow in weight up to 50kg. Equivalent to 2 bags of coal.

Tips to help you grow a pumpkin for competition.

Below is a link to a very good article on how to grow a giant pumpkin. There are lots of tips and good advice to help you get the most out of your pumpkin growing.

How to grow your pumpkin.